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Engineering made easy

Flume and cylinder gate
The flume is narrow in order to optimaze the flow of water into the turbine. In the simplest of installations a cylinder gate is placed over the inlet bellmouth. The cylinder gate is balanced and closes by gravity. It also prevents the creations of vortices and allows low flume water depths. A rubber seal ensures a tight gate seal.

The unit seat
The submersible turbine-generator is a completly integrated machine, including gearbox if required. As the generator is submerged, it is cooled by the water flowing around it. This allows for efficent and reliable operation. The turbine rests on and seals against a bottom seat. The turbine is held in place its own weight and the water pressure while running. An anti-rotation device prevents the turbine from rotation if a shockload should occur.

Easy installaton
The turbine is not bolted into the structure. It is simply lowered down into the turbine seat for installation. It can easily be raised for inspection and service.

Draft tubes
Prefabricated elbow or straight conical draft tubes recover dynamic energy downstream of the runner. Each turbine size has a matchced draft tube to maximize the energy recovery.