Crawler drills


The ultimate Combination of performance & economy

Drill faster and straighter with the patented HD700 series

Integrated drilling system

Dual-dumper system DDS

Compact valve design

Reverse percussion system

Heavy - Duty under carriage

Optimal contact with the ground in any terrain

Independent track oscillation +/-10 degree provides safe tramming in any terrain

Due to the low centre of gravity a stable position and safe working are guaranteed

Job site,construction and small quarry

Horizontal drilling coverage

Vertical drilling coverage

Maintanance & safety

Accessibility for maintenance

ECO-friendly, Energy-saving, & High-productivity

Extension boom increases drilling pattern flexibility

Advanced hydraulic & pneumatic systems

Power-saving selector, fuel consumption is reduced during light working conditions

Low -emission engine

Maximize operator performance with the ultimate in drilling technology

High output compressor & dust collector